Numark, the soul of disco

For over 40 years, Numark has combined an understanding of the needs of DJs with the most advanced technologies. As a result, the company has created industry-leading products: dj controllers, mixing consoles, turntables, turntables, dj decks and more. Numark has never stopped innovating and making the most of engineering to meet the needs of both professional and amateur DJs. The brand was founded in Edison, New Jersey by Harry and Robert Kotovsky in 1971. At that time Numark quickly established itself as one of the leading manufacturers in the DJ industry during the Disco era. Numark is considered to be the largest manufacturer of DJ equipment in the world. In its early days, Numark mixers were the benchmark. Today, Numark […]

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mesas de mezlca

Analogue mixing consoles are the most widely used by sound enthusiasts. Unlike other analogue electronic devices in use today, the analogue mixing console is still the king of the recording studio. The mixing console has been in use since the 1990s and, due to its ease of use, analogue mixing consoles can be found in almost any recording studio. In addition, the low cost has made its use popular with both professional studios and amateurs. At MicroFusa, a shop specialising in music technology products, they offer a wide variety of analogue mixing consoles that perfectly suit the needs and desires of every sound lover. What is an analogue mixing console? An analogue mixing console is a complex audio system. The […]

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