Sound technician: Professional outings

The Sound Technician diploma is a two-year professional training cycle. In the case of the sound technician course taught by the Microfusa school, on completion it can be completed with a university degree in England, with direct access to the third year at Solent University.

Of all the courses of this type, the sound technician course offers a wide and deep vision necessary to become a professional. The principles of musical language and composition, the history of music production and music are studied in depth. There are also subjects related to the music industry, contracts, promotion, rights, etc.

In the case of the Microfusa school, its sound technician course in Barcelona also includes English classes with a native teacher and music producer, in order to prepare for possible university entrance exams and to broaden technical language.

The jobs for a sound technician

Today there are many career opportunities for sound technicians, as the audiovisual sector is booming. The jobs to be filled by a sound technician are very varied: in television companies, radio stations, video production companies, music recording studios… Also in companies providing telecommunication services, sound installation, multimedia, the music industry, electro-acoustics and the cinema.

The sound technician is responsible for recording all the sound on site, which can range from a recording studio to a film set. In the case of working in the field of music production, he or she will be in charge of recording and producing the group’s project. Recording studios, record companies, publishing houses or any company related to the music field may need the services of a sound technician.

There are sound technicians specialised in post-production, which means that they are in charge of managing the recorded sound content for editing a documentary, series or film.

Other professional opportunities

In addition to the above, if you are interested in taking a sound technician’s course in Madrid or Barcelona, those from the Microfusa school will train you to work as a sound technician:

  • Audio post-production of audiovisual works
  • Sound technician on set
  • Hookah on the shooting line
  • Sound technician for dubbing sessions
  • Radio programme mixer
  • TV programme mixer
  • In charge of direct sound on location
  • Technician in musical setting, foley effects or specialised in theatre.
  • Communication assistant for artists and bands.
  • Event organizer and promoter.
  • In institutional, academic and corporate events

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