The advantages of having sports equipment in your city

Having a good installation of sports equipment near your home is always a big plus. Seniors may find in sport a way to control your weight and a way to maintain a healthy life, for children and teens sport can be a way of socialization and integration. Therefore it is especially important to have sports equipment in your city, in your neighborhood, in your town, ultimately, near your home.

Las ventajas de tener equipamiento deportivo en tu ciudad

Knowing the sports equipment

A few years ago, the sports equipment you would find in your neighborhood did not go beyond the typical basketball net and, if the park was very large, perhaps you could find even a ping-pong table.

But times have changed, and the world of urban furniture is no exception. Of course, the sports equipment for cities has also evolved. Now we can find many more options:

  • Classic sports equipment. Yes, we are still finding basketball baskets, goals of futsal and ping-pong tables. But the materials have changed. For starters, they are safer, to avoid cracks and deformations, resistant to atmospheric phenomena and the bad uses.
  • Sports circuits. In many parks, we can find circuits outdoors with interesting elements of sports, usually constructed in laminated wood treated in autoclave. We can find different devices to practice various exercises: abdominal, push-ups, pulses, jumping and balance, high jump, squat, pedal, etc.
  • elementos fitnessFitness elementsLikewise, we can also find complete circuits from metal appliances, built in metal very resistant to corrosion, wear and vandalism. We have pectoral machines, rowing, elliptical to dorsal, ABS, exercise bike, and many more.
  • Skate Park. Skating practiced properly provides the same benefits as any physical activity. And the place to practice with a skate is a Skate Park. It is a place which also becomes a meeting place.
  • Beach volleyball. Another novelty in recent years and that requires minimal installation. Ideal for the beach only requires two galvanized steel poles single thick to ensure a virtually indestructible installation. Both posts have welded a guide on running a regulator truck with network anchors. The network is taut with tension. Both posts have small flags to indicate wind direction.
  • Climbing walls. A climbing wall is a specifically prepared for climbing in order to avoid having to move to a mountain installation. It is equipped with dams and insurance. Its shape and size can be free or be influenced by the building where it is housed. They can be constructed in various forms: metal + polyester reinforced fiberglass, metal and wood structure, metal structure and concrete.

And what about the benefits of sports equipment?

Clearly enjoying the proximity of a sports facility near home provides the same benefits that would give us the same sport. Let us see what the benefits of physical exercise are:

beneficios equipamiento deportivo

  • Perform regular and systematic physical activity has proven to be a very beneficial practice in prevention, development and rehabilitation of health, while helping the character, discipline and decision making in everyday life.
  • Exercise, either short or long term, contributes to establishing a mental well-being, improving the autonomy of the individual, memory, speed of ideas, and promoting feelings as optimism or euphoria, while self-esteem is improved people, resulting benefits in diseases such as osteoporosis, hypertension or diabetes crisis.
  • All efforts to improve the physical form (eg after a long period of inactivity), must be done progressively. Each athlete must analyze the demands of their sport of choice before deciding his workout plan.
  • The intensity and the load should be determined individually as they depend on the technical level and physical condition of each person.

The main benefits of exercise are:

  • Reduces the risk of premature death, of developing or dying from cardiovascular disease, hypertension, reduces cholesterol and the risk of developing colon cancer or breast cancer.
  • Helps to decrease the risk of developing diabetes, exercise helps you to reduce your weight and body fat. It increases levels of good cholesterol (HDL) and lowers triglycerides. Significantly improves glucose tolerance and decreases insulin resistance.
  • beneficios del ejercicio fisicoIn the emotional area, reduce depression and anxiety, improves the sense of well being and improve performance at work and social activities.
  • Both aerobic exercise (running, cycling, swimming) and the resistance (weights) that increases muscle strength, have proven benefits. Including: improved cardiovascular and respiratory function, increases the maximum oxygen consumption, improves blood supply to the muscles, and lowers blood pressure and pulse.
  • It keeps your muscles healthy. Your flexibility, muscle strength, and your tendons and ligaments improve.
  • It keeps your bones healthy. It is very important to prevent osteoporosis, prevent osteoarthritis and frequent lower back pain.
  • If sometimes you feel tense after a day of hard work, a walk or going to the gym can help you to feel better. Have been found chemicals in the brain that make you feel better and happier after exercise. This improves your mood, your self esteem and your confidence.
  • We all know that exercise burn calories, and the more intense the better. But there are easier ways to burn calories as climbing the stairs instead of the elevator, walking down the street, using the car less ways. Anyway any exercise is good and helps to maintain your ideal weight.
  • It helps you sleep better, with a deeper sleep that allows you to have better concentration during the day and increase your productivity and mood.
  • It can improve your sex life, decreasing erectile dysfunction problems especially over the years.

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