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Music production can be complicated if you don’t have the resources. Nowadays, there are several online music production courses for those who want to learn more about the subject.

Music production is understood as the whole process from the first moment in which the music or any other audio-related work is planned, until the end in which the files are toned and the final song is obtained.

To get a song, it is important to train and acquire knowledge in the different areas of music production. At Microsfua Escuela, they offer video courses with total freedom of timetables and without having to travel.

music production

Videocourses and online courses in music production

Microfusa Escuela is offering the possibility of training at home, through online music production courses, such as online dj courses or sound courses.

The video courses have a duration of 30 to 45 minutes, with a connection with the author to be able to ask questions and obtain more information from the questions that other users ask live. 

The connection for the Q&A session will be via a Zoom link that you will receive before the start of the video course. All video courses have unlimited access.

Discover all the online music production courses at Microfusa Escuela.

Music production: Professional outlets

Thanks to the technological advances that have been experienced in recent years, the music production process can be carried out in a personal sound studio.

A music producer performs a series of tasks, such as planning, song composition and pre-production. Finally, mastering and finishing touches are carried out.

Career opportunities include a wide range of activities in the world of music and the cultural and creative industries: 

  • Musical creation, composition and performance.
  • Live production.
  • Recording studios.
  • Record and publishing companies.
  • Artist management: community management for artists and companies in the creative sector.
  • Production, promotion and event management.
  • Musicologist; responsible for music-related companies.
  • Live performance manager.
  • Creator of performances with sound.
  • Technician in musical culture.
music production

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