Tips for a good web layout

It is not uncommon for developers to have to face web layout against the clock. This can happen for several reasons: the company does not have a web designer or it is up to someone who has some knowledge, but not enough. Web layout agencies, such as Somos Sinapsis, specialists in web design and development, give some tips on web layout. 

Web layout for sketching

Before starting the layout, it is necessary to make sketches to organise a good distribution: the header, menu, headlines, paragraphs, images, and banners, among others.  Colours are also very important, and they should contrast with each other.

  • HTML5 tags are useful for improving indexing. HTML5 offers many tags to choose from, <header>, <nav>, <figure>, >figcaption>, >aside>, <main>, <footer>, etc.
  • CSS3 property prefixes help to avoid cross-browser incompatibility issues.
  •  Compatibility of CSS3 properties with CSS, HTML5, SVG browsers has many properties that browsers do not support. At this point it is very useful to have the web page Can I use, to check which properties work in a browser.
  • Always document everything you do, and make sure it clearly reflects the tracking. In this way, if another person joins the same project, it will be easier for them to understand what has been done so far.

The opinion of professionals

For Somos Sinapsis, web design and layout go hand in hand. After carrying out the preliminary study and having designed a website that meets all the stipulated requirements, it is time for the website to come to life.

The process of web page layout consists of converting the design into a series of codes that can be interpreted by web browsers. At Somos Sinapsis they use the most common programming languages, such as HTML and CSS.

If you already have a design and are looking for someone to carry out the layout, Somos Sinapsis will create the coding for you.

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