tecnologia musical

In recent decades, the development of music technology has led to reconsider the process of creation and composition and the way musicians handle the whole process of music creation.

For this reason, Microfusa School offers a wide variety of courses and degrees: music production courses in Madrid, sound courses in Madrid, DJ courses in Madrid and much more! Discover them on the Microfusa School website. 

Each of these courses has a different schedule, budget and duration. Microfusa School offers online courses in Madrid and face-to-face courses in Madrid. Therefore, it is easy for students to meet classmates who share different knowledge and similar concerns with them. 


Microfusa School Madrid: Courses and Music Businees in Madrid

If you want to take a sound course in Madrid, it may be due in part to the famous charm of the city of Madrid. 

Also, Madrid offers students a wide range of cultural diversity, events, events, architecture, festivals and open-minded enthusiastic people. But another reason to choose a sound course in Madrid is the Microfusa School of Music, which is a benchmark in the world of music.

The cultural diversity of Madrid provides great museums, cultural activities (exhibitions, theaters, concerts … etc.), highlighting the productions of Festivals of international scope:

  • Inverfest
  • Botanical Nights
  • Download Festival
  • Mulafest
  • Mad Cool Festival
  • Universal Music Festival
  • DCODE Festival
  • Jazz Madrid

Online courses in Madrid

This school has schools in Barcelona and another big city, Madrid, and every year recruits students and pupils from different countries and cities around the world. Microfusa has authorized the center to run music production courses in Madrid, as well as electronic music and many other sound courses, DJ courses, music creation, etc.

At Microfusa, there are well-trained professional teachers, with great experience and enthusiasm for teaching. If students make suggestions, they will get high marks in theory and practice classes, and will find good explanations and demonstrations.


En su segunda juventud ha descubierto la pasión de escribir. Cuando no se pierde entre fantasías futuristas y pesadillas infernales se dedica a divagar sobre cualquier tema que llame su atención. ¡Todo lo parece interesante! Y es que un escritor puede encontrar la inspiración en las fuentes más inesperadas...