diseño web

Web design is a sector which is in constant evolution and transformation, so it is of vital importance to be aware of new trends in web design and development.

Every year new ways of presenting a web page arise to capture the attention of the target audience and to improve the organic positioning (SEO). 

The advances in web development and design originate from the needs and desires of clients and interns, as well as taking into account current trends.

In Somos Sinapsis, web design agency Barcelona, are responsible for studying each case to define, design and implement the design and development of the website for companies and brands. 

New trends in web design

Nowadays, for a company, whatever its sector, having a website that meets its objectives can be of vital importance. 

Nowadays a website is not just a business card on the Internet, it is an important marketing and business expansion tool. Therefore, when designing a website it is very important to make a good design and web development.

Responsive design

Nowadays a website can be visited from various devices, where the cell phone plays an important role. Therefore, it is essential that the web design is adapted to any device, so it must be optimized.

Images and videos must be adapted to the device from which they are viewed, avoiding pixelated or cracked images. 

Webs with dynamic elements

A trend which is booming in web development and design is the elements with movements (transitions, displacements…). Care must be taken with dynamic elements, as an excess of them can tire or distract the visitor of the website.


The use of colorful and energetic visual identities is a new trend. Many websites are imposing logos and websites with bright and cheerful colors on black and white.

It is important to differentiate between colorful and multicolored, since a quality design is one that avoids chromatic saturation that causes visual fatigue.


The choice of typography is an essential element within the trends in web design. By playing with asymmetric designs in the letters of the web pages, it is possible to highlight titles, messages and CTAs of interest to users.

A typography with great acceptance in graphic design and that will therefore continue among the web design trends for 2021 is Sanserif. It is simple, without much adornment and perfect for working with texts of large blocks.

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