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When we talk about nautical issues, we often refer to V de Bravado, our favorite boathouse in Barcelona (for us the boathouse par excellence). So we believe it is time to explain why we think it is such a good boat dock. In short, we will try to tell you why for us V de Bravado is the best Varadero in Barcelona.

varadero barcelona

A young and modern boathouse in Barcelona

V de Bravado is one of the most modern boathouses on the Mediterranean coast. Inaugurated in October 2016, since its conception and design every detail of the boathouse has been designed to meet the highest expectations of efficiency and achieve the highest degree of versatility and effectiveness possible for a nautical company.

Its facilities are perfectly equipped to undertake with total guarantee any task of tuning and repair of boats, whether they are sailing or motor. From the most delicate and thorough interventions of carpentry and joinery in classic ships to the most sophisticated and avant-garde treatments in last generation yachts.

V de Bravado has a technical area of ​​12,500 m² equipped with advanced active and passive safety measures. They have a 150 tn travelift, a 35 tn beached car, 70 m work and waiting dock, repair and painting workshops, hydraulic elevators, 15 tn crane, dry wintering area and many other possibilities.

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Nautical services of V de Bravado

We believe it is the best boathouse in Barcelona because V de Bravado offers you the best nautical services so that your boat is always ready to sail. They work with sailboats and motor boats. Always with the highest professionalism guaranteed so that the set-ups, restorations and repair of boats are optimal:

Naval mechanics and engineering: V de Bravado personnel, highly qualified, is prepared to perform all kinds of maintenance, repair, study and installation of propulsion systems, maneuvering propellers, gangways and hydraulic cranes, air conditioning, cold equipment, bilge and transfer pumps, freshwater and sewage circuits.

Electronics, electricity and systems: Equip your boat with the latest electronics and electricity systems. Including GPS devices, plotters, radars, autopilots, wind equipment, digital weather stations, etc.

Arboladura and rigging: They have a specialized team to face, with full guarantees, all kinds of work in masts, rigging and rigging. From performing non-aggressive tests to assess their status, to repair or replacement of any part of the system.

Carpentry and joinery: They take care of the wood of your boat so that it has an unbeatable appearance. And they carry out carpentry and joinery work both indoors and outdoors: bulkhead plating, floor installation, distribution modification, roofing and varnishing of elements, etc.

Engines and generators: They are responsible for periodic maintenance and revisions, oil changes, filter replacement, water pumps and cooling circuits of the main engines and generators.

Paint and fiber: In V de Bravado make sure your boat has a perfect finish.

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