PTC ThingWorx

A month ago we were talking in this blog about a new PTC ThingWorx course taught by Integral PLM. In the article we mentioned the advantages of this PTC platform for industrial innovation created to quickly provide IIoT applications and AR experiences that release the value of the convergence between physical and digital for companies.

So you can see the relevance of this PTC platform, we are going to show you today a practical example implemented by the Integral PLM itself. This is Tequipo, a company that connects its vending machines with its operators through PTC ThingWorx to be able to manage them by remote control.


Tequipo, an innovative company

Tequipo is a Burgos company with implementation throughout the Peninsula that since 2009 manufactures systems for the control, management and distribution of consumables, through automatic vending machines. Its mission is to convert traditional vending machines into intelligent and monitored equipment, via Internet connection, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Involved since its inception in technological innovation, its new commitment to the future is the Exodus platform based on PTC ThingWorx. The intention is to create a new business line based on the provision of a whole series of new services remotely, extending the capabilities of its retailers, providing a system with information registration, remote interaction and extended services, hosted in the cloud.

PTC ThingWorx

Benefits that the ThingWorx PTC solution has brought to the Tequipo project

The benefits that Tequipo has achieved with the adoption of the Integral PLM ThingWorx PTC platform are:

  • PTC Thingworx offers the possibility of integrating all the vending machine variants of its suppliers with its operators, in a sustainable way.
  • The PTC ThingWorx platform allows operators to remotely manage vending machines from the same place.
  • PTC ThingWorx has also allowed them to have development and production environments, in a fast, simple and scalable way.

If you want to know more about the PTC ThingWorx platform, do not hesitate to contact Integral PLM, experts in IioT and AR solutions.

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