Advantages of Magento 2

That Magento is a leading application for the creation and management of online shops is nothing new: many companies have been benefiting from it for some years now. Magento 2 comes in its most recent and advanced version, which means another step forward.  

In the agency dedicated to business web development Somos Sinapsis, they insist that you know the improvements that have made Magento 2 the benchmark for many ecommerce.

The outstanding improvements of Magento 2

With the Magento 2 version, the caching system called Varnish brings more speed than in its previous version. It has also incorporated separate databases, as well as production and development environments. In this new Magento version, its new architecture allows customisation of the new installation without affecting the other extensions, something that did not happen with the previous version.

In terms of shop management, Magento 2 allows you to configure customised views. This means, for example, being able to decide which information will be shown in the grid of the orders.

The agency Somos Sinapsis, who also manage Magento development in Barcelona, also details the main reasons to bet on online sales with Magento 2.

The six main reasons to trust

  • Magento 2 has a wide variety of products, offers and functionalities, so it is easy to achieve numerous results.
  • Its design is free. It has multiple options to create a unique and original space.
  • It allows comprehensive management from the main panel, so you can analyse all the products easily and comfortably. 
  • Optimises SEO positioning: this is one of the main advantages of this platform, which makes it easier for an online shop to be found.
  • The importance of content on the Internet: A blog with relevant content on the website that can be visited and consulted will help the online shop to be better positioned and to present itself as an expert in the field.
  • Extra resources for integrating digital marketing tools into the website.
  • Facilitates the advancement to Magento Enterprise as it is a single development branch.

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