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The natural mineral water from the Sant Hilari Spring was born in Montseny (Girona) at an altitude of 1,000 meters. It has a stable mineral composition and does not require any treatment. With Manantial de Sant Hilari, you will not only have water, but also health.

Due to its biological and geological conditions, the quality and sanitary characteristics of the water are guaranteed, especially its high cellular hydration capacity.

Saint Hilari offers a home water service, both for companies and individuals. They provide a convenient service and put at your disposal a water dispenser with a bottle of mineral water of 18.9 liters. 

It is a home water service that goes according to the needs of each client, so that they can enjoy cold and natural water at any time of the day.

Watercube: another water service for coffee at home

Watercube is Sant Hilari’s first mineral water supply system for coffee machines. This mineral water machine guarantees the aromatic excellence of the coffee.

The Watercube natural mineral water machine connects an 18.9 liter bottle to a professional coffee machine to make coffee with Natural Mineral Water. The first device for the hospitality industry that will make it possible for establishments to serve customers the best coffee on the market.

With Watercube, establishments will offer consumers an espresso coffee with organoleptic properties (taste, aroma, body, acidity…) that will be of higher quality than the market average. Discover the Watercube mineral water machine in Sant Hilari.

Mineral water at home 

Enjoy the convenience of a natural mineral water dispenser at home. Discover all the water delivery services in Barcelona on the website of Saint Hilari.

Mineral water for companies 

Water fountains for companies, an added value for your employees and customers.

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