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Watercube is the first Sant Hilari mineral water supply system for coffee machines. This mineral water machine guarantees the aromatic excellence of coffee.

The Watercube natural mineral water machine connects an 18.9-litre bottle to a professional coffee machine to make coffee with Natural Mineral Water. The first device for the hospitality industry that will make it possible for establishments to serve customers the best coffee on the market.

With Watercube, establishments will offer consumers an espresso coffee with organoleptic properties (taste, aroma, body, acidity…) that will be of higher quality than the market average.

Discover the Watercube mineral water machine in Sant Hilari.

Why use Watercube in establishments

Most of the coffee machines found in the various establishments are connected to the municipal drinking water distribution network with or without an intermediate filtering system.

The quality of the coffee is therefore 90-95% dependent on the quality of the tap water.

Thanks to Watercube, catering establishments will increase their coffee yield by 20% due to the superior properties of spring water. Offering a quality coffee with an unmistakable aroma.

It is important to note that water accounts for 92 percent of the cup of coffee and, therefore, the use of inadequate water has a very significant direct negative impact on the quality of each cup.

For this reason, using Sant Hilari mineral water is the best option.

Sant Hilari mineral water

The natural mineral water from the Sant Hilari spring is born in Montseny (Girona), at an altitude of 1000 metres.

Saint Hilaria has a stable mineral composition and is free of any treatment. Making it the perfect natural mineral water for the preparation of a quality coffee. 

The new Watercube mineral water machine allows a direct supply of premium quality Sant Hilaria water directly to the coffee machine in the coffee shop. 

In this way, Watercube combines fresh coffee from Cafès Cornellà with the natural mineral water Manantial de Sant Hilari, a company of the Vichy Catalan group.

The hotel and catering industry and Watercube: New added value and quality

The increase in the quality of the coffee that will be served in the different establishments thanks to this new mineral water machine will have a superior taste that links each cup to the gastronomy of the coffee.

A level in line with the growing prevalence of demanding consumers who demand greater added value from the new coffee shops.

According to various surveys, expectations of drinking good coffee outside the home are still very low. In particular, around 65% of consumers do not expect to get to have a good coffee.

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