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2020 has arrived, full of changes and news about web development and design. In this post we are going to discover the new tendencies in the world of the design and development web to adapt the pages to the new demands of the consumers.

The big factor that has dominated web design trends in recent years has been the expansion of mobile traffic. The use of smartphones accounts for more than half of the Internet traffic. For this reason, web pages must be responsive, that is, they must be adapted to mobile devices.

It is important that web pages have the following legal texts published and visible: legal notice, privacy policy and cookie policy. In this way, the website will be adapted to the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulations). 

Sinapsis, web design and development agency, is able to plan, execute and manage a web project in the most efficient and creative way, offering a cost-effective and custom designed service, constantly adapting to the latest trends in web design, graphic and marketing.  

web design

Most popular trends in web design.

Dynamic and interactive content

Animations, illustrations, gifs or flexible effects are in fashion. This type of dynamic elements are used more and more, since they achieve very visual and creative results.

3D designs and background videos will also be a trend in this 2020. We must take into account that they are risky designs, but they bring more creativity and visibility to the website.

Asymmetric design and movement effect.

In the previous year, asymmetric designs had a great presence in web design and development, and this year even more! The asymmetric design and movement effect in websites makes them more attractive to the user and breaks with the traditional web page schemes.

We must take into account that asymmetric design can cause one part of the page to weigh more than another, causing loading problems and having a negative impact on our SEO positioning.

Big size typographies

Another trend that has appeared in recent years is that of large fonts. Large, bold and personalized fonts are used to draw the attention of the user who has visited our website.

With more tools and devices available to support custom fonts, 2020 is a great year to make creative and unique phrases to differentiate us from the competition.

Search by voice

Voice-capable interfaces are on the rise. This year 2020 they have experienced great growth and in the coming years even more!

With millions of devices hosting intelligent virtual assistants such as Siri, Google Now and Cortana, more and more people prefer voice interfaces. By using this tool on our website we will give you a plus in web design and SEO.  The “voice search optimization” (VSO) will be the next SEO.

web design

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