What is an SEM agency?

The simple fact that your business has a presence on the internet will not represent an increase in sales if you do not prepare proper marketing strategy. You must ensure that customers find in the vast jungle that is the World Wide Web. One of the most practical ways is to make your website stand out in Google and it will need the services of a SEM Agency.
Thanks to the study of online marketing, SEM Agency can put your business in the first results of major search engines, getting your products reach your customers much more quickly and effectively.

What is SEM?

SEM is an acronym for Search Engine Marketing and refers to the possibility of creating ad campaigns for click internet through the most common search engines like Google or Yahoo. Anyway, being purists, SEM refers to any action within search engine marketing, whether paid or not.
The tools to create these campaigns the search engines to offer the same publicitarnos through their media (or ad servers) for their media publicitarnos search or content networks. It is sponsored ads that generate quality traffic to the web. This would apply to Google AdWords, Bing or Yahoo! Search Marketing Ads. It is also known as PPC (Pay Per Click) and CPC (Cost Per Click).
The creation of these campaigns involves activities such as search keywords, ad creation and management of bids.
In recent years it has shown the efficiency of these tools, giving quickly find products, services or brands through the network. Optimizing them properly can get a return on investment faster and more efficient.
In short, the SEM will allow us to increase our traffic through what is known as paid traffic.

The five keys SEM

We can summarize in five key key features of an SEM campaign:
• We will increase our traffic.
• Make publicly our brand or business in the geographical area that interests us.
• will reach many more people with a much tighter budget.
• Can we address our ads to sectors or markets that interest us.
• We can create effective contextual advertising campaigns thanks to the different parameters that we provide different tools: temporality, geography, markets, etc.

Advantages of SEM

The advantages of betting on the SEM in your marketing strategy are clear:
• Always we have detailed reports of reach of our campaign.
• Since this is pay per click spending is always controlled.
• The campaign tracking is real time and can make any changes as necessary and adjust at all times, the budget.
• The target audience is a qualified and highly motivated thanks to optimized use of keywords public.

What can make a SEM Agency for you?
Obviously a SEM Agency will perform the entire campaign, from the beginning to the end, advising you throughout the process. You can make the whole process ad per click, from a single point in the campaign to integrate marketing strategy medium business or long term:
• We will facilitate the start of the advertising campaign.
• You will help optimize costs and extract the greatest return to your budget.
• improve your Quality Score establishing concordance between the title keywords and ad content with the landing page to reduce the cost per click or adapting your campaigns by device.
• get maximum value out of the possibility of geolocation impacting users nearby to offer special promotions.
• review the analysis reports along with SEO campaigns.
• It shall arrange for the conversions and to justify the return on investment.
• They can help you adjust prime time.
• They will create global campaigns, or for different countries or in different languages, etc.

You will be visible on Google

In the Spanish territory Google has almost 90% of the market share, so when an SEM campaign is done is synonymous with managing a Google AdWords campaign.
Google AdWords is the tool that will give you immediate visibility in the main Internet search using minimally invasive ads. Plus you get a greater chance of conversions and more segmented reach of your advertising.
An SEM Agency will plan and optimize your Google AdWords campaign to maximize ROI. For you sell more, generate more traffic to your website, you get more contacts and fidelices your customers.
Google AdWords campaign will bring to your business:
• Immediate visibility on Google.
• Conversion. Your ads appear when customers do a search related to your products.
• Segmentation. According to specific websites, the type of audience, etc.
• Geolocation.
• Flexibility. You can redirect the campaign based on your goals.
• Universality. No matter what device to use the client.

And in social networks
The new advertising platforms of social networks offer interesting opportunities wasted no SEM Agency. In social networks, users are much more receptive to receive and share information. If we add its great potential segmentation, we have the ideal place for a campaign effective and profitable marketing site. What can we get? Construction of branding, increased online community, improved reputation, customer loyalty and engagement.
A couple of examples:
Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads take your Facebook fans to your website to make purchases online, know your new products or benefit from special discounts. In addition, information you share on your fanpage has enormous potential ahead attract new customers and retain existing ones.
Twitter Ads
With Twitter Ads you can attract new followers promoting your account, you can place the hashtag of your company among Twitter trends, encouraging conversation around the brand, you can advertise the launch of new products, services, promotions or offers, you can do branding and improve your brand image and you can promote tweets to drive traffic to a landing page.

But SEM Agency can still do much more
Because the network not just with Google and Facebook and there are many more places where your business can be visible.
For example, the most popular and best positioned is the audiovisual format. Did you know that, actually, the second internet browser is Youtube? As a SEM Agency can prepare an advertising campaign in Youtube True View, making your ads show the most popular videos.
Another interesting option is the PAN campaigns (Premium Audience Network). The PAN insert your ad campaigns in major portals and national media (ABC, El Mundo, La Vanguardia, El Peri, Brand, Expansion, etc.) or regional (La Opinion, The New Spain, Diario de Cadiz, El Norte Castilla, Diario de Sevilla, Faro de Vigo, Diario de Jerez …), employing a revolutionary technology based on Big Data. With 75% coverage in Spain, such campaigns can serve the user a completely relevant advertising tailored to your specific interests at all times. Thus, since the ads are generated in real time based on user navigation data, they are detected latent needs and possibilities of conversion increases.

How can you help a SEM Agency?
• Defining the advertising strategy that best suits your needs, taking into account your objectives and your budget.
• Selecting the most appropriate advertising format for your interests.
• Choosing your audience accurately segmenting the maximum based on demographics, location, gender, interests, buying behavior, etc.
• Following up the range and performance of the active campaign to optimize it or redirect it, if necessary.
• Reporting date information and statistics on the advertising action, so that at all times you know the impact and return on your investment.

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