G2L CaptureData

In today’s article we will talk about GladToLink, also known as G2L CaptureData, a solution for the digital transformation of industry 4.0. An application that allows us to forget about infrastructure and copies and with which we can benefit from the cloud and keep the documentation of our organization safe.

For this we have the help of Integral PLM, experts in G2L CaptureData.

G2L CaptureData

What is GladToLInn, G2L CaptureData

G2L CaptureData is a multi-device application that allows you to capture data both from inside the factory and from the work done externally, generating documents automatically. You can also start workflows to share documents with collaborators and data with other applications of our organization.

In addition to a web platform that allows you to configure G2L CaptureData, GladToLink is a document and workflow manager. Its main characteristics?

  • Efficient and flexible tag-based search
  • Audit and traceability of all operations performed on any document
  • Document storage on Microsoft servers
  • Sharing functions and collaborations on files and documents
G2L CaptureData

GladToLink highlights

In GladToLink you can create all the necessary processes for the app. It is easily configured to obtain data on manufacturing orders, material requirements, quality records or ideas for innovation. It also automatically obtains Photography, photos, videos, reads barcodes and QR. There is no limit on the number of functions that can be added to G2L Capture Data.

On the other hand, we can configure the app for each user profile, so each employee will see only their processes. We adapt each application to the needs of each user.

It is also a very flexible application. We can program and modify the app quickly and easily. It will adapt to the evolution of industrial processes and new needs simply by modifying its configuration at www.gladtolink.com, as if it could be easily programmed and modified from the browser.

And, being a service, you only pay for what is used. Also in G2L there are no infrastructure, management or maintenance costs. Specifically designed so that its economic impact is perfectly acceptable by any type of company.

GladToLink, online document management

If you want to know more about GladToLink and G2L CaptureData and everything you can do for the digital transformation of industry 4.0, do not hesitate to visit the Integral PLM website.

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