programmatic marketing

Programmatic marketing is the technology that implements an automated set of rules for the audience and customers with personalized ads. This means that the user is impacted at a specific time and context by targeted advertising campaigns. These campaigns are carried out based on data obtained from the analysis of generic data on wider recipients. The selection of this data will be based on the similarities that can be exploited in the campaigns that we are interested in setting up. 

Programmatic marketing offers the opportunity to analyze the behavior of visitors to a website, detecting their tastes and preferences.  This makes it possible to make personalized recommendations automatically, through SMS marketing, email marketing, social networks, web pages or the site itself. 

When all these techniques are used together, we have the possibility to offer to users what they like when they need it, generating amazing results. But for the program marketing strategy to run, we must know how to choose a technology that allows the brand an optimal audience loyalty, getting the brand does not receive a low cost per click.

programmatic marketing

Understanding programmatic marketing 

To understand how programmatic marketing works, the agency Somos Sinapsis, specialist in business development on the Internet, explains a few basics. When we leave the machines to take care of the automated tasks (automate marketing), we can focus only on creating the most effective messages that target the consumer at the best time. What other way of doing marketing can be so effective? 

Thanks to the data that programmatic marketing updates immediately, we will be able to say the ideal advertising for each moment.  With the increase of devices and the massive use of mobile and video, one creativity is no longer enough for a single block of ads.  

Programmatic marketing is mainly based on: automation, orientation and personalization. 

Automation speeds up the process, as it reduces the delays induced by some link in the human chain. The correct orientation will avoid wasting clicks and impressions, showing only the ads to users interested in the specific product or service. And the personalization of the ad will show it to the customer in the way that will attract him, based on the data known about the person and his last searches on the Internet.

Reach the audience on any device

With programmatic marketing any user can be accessed and the benefits materialize when their profile is well known. If you know the brand or not, if you compare it with another one, if you are loyal to a product…

It also helps a lot to be able to create segmented messages for different users, and different ads for each type of device. This allows you to analyze different user groups and assign them differentiated ads at each stage of their conversion. Because programmatic marketing specializes in converting data into perfect ads, not only getting new customers, but even recovering lost ones.

programmatic marketing

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