wind forecasting

In recent years, wind energy has been the fastest growing technology. In the case of Spain, it is the second technology that has more installed capacity, covering 16.4% of electricity demand. Likewise, it has become the third largest contributor to the technology behind the system combined cycles and nuclear. In the year 2010 1.516 MW installed wind power, with a power that raises the total in the country to 20,676 MW, confirming Spain as the fourth largest wind power. However, this amount of installed wind power capacity can have negative effects on the electrical system, and can worsen as you increase the penetration of these systems into the national grid. The main problem is that wind power can not be programmed and, therefore, uncertainty will always work its production.

wind forecasting

That is why, in recent years, with increasing use of wind energy. It is becoming more important to know in advance and with some precision, wind power to be generated. This ability to control and planning is essential for a correct management of the electricity system.

To overcome these drawbacks, since 2006 is required to forecast wind power production in all facilities whose installed capacity is greater than 10 MW. Noting further financial penalties for deviations from the forecast regarding the higher actual production of 20%. It is in this context that recognizes the importance of developing tools wind forecast with a horizon of up to two días.

Moreover, it is easy to see that the development of wind forecasting tools provides the following advantages:

Wind power more effectively integrate avoiding instability.
Reduce programming costs and operation.
Increase revenue by improving trading on the electricity market.
Allow greater energy such as increase the reliability of forecasts.

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