Woocommerce, one of the most popular CMSs

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that incorporates an online shop into a website. It includes everything required to set up an online shop, such as shop pages, shopping cart, methods, calculation of shipping costs, etc.

You can upload products for sale, as well as add descriptions and prices. WooCommerce is one of the options you can count on to create an online shop. It is the creation of the company WooThemes, which launched it on the market in 2011 without suspecting the success it would bring in the ecommerce world.

Today there are already more than 32 million downloads of WooCommerce, being the basis of 30% of online shops worldwide.

Somos Sinapsis, a specialised ecommerce development agency in Barcelona, explains the advantages of this wordpress development alternative.

What Woocommerce brings to a business

Ease of use: it is partly determined by WordPress, and if you have experience with it, it takes very little time to learn to handle the Woocommerce options.
Customisation options: it allows you to customise your online shop in many ways, as well as creating as many pages as you need, including the inclusion of a blog.
Easy implementation of additional functions: in the event that they do not come as standard in WooCommerce, by simply installing the plugin you can have them. You can easily implement them by installing a plugin.

Allows the sale of physical products, downloadable digital products and products affiliated to other shops.

Displays buttons to add a product to the shopping cart on any page of the website.

You can create events and sell tickets on the website, as well as sell and charge subscriptions to customers.

These are just some concrete examples of what you can do with this plugin, a perfect option to sell online. However, in case you need to contract the development of an online shop for a business, it is always preferable to go to a woocommerce agency like Somos Sinapsis, as it will be a safer and more economical option.

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