Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, much more than an ERP

El Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, conocido anteriormente como ERP Navison, incorpora una serie de soluciones tecnológicas que le dan un carácter global.

Currently, a company without an ERP management solution to control and plan processes and resources is no longer conceivable. If to date the Microsoft Dynamic ERP was one of the most used by large companies, this software has taken the leap that makes it much more than an ERP: we are talking about the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This comprehensive solution connects the operations, sales, services and finances of the company to optimize all processes. The main purpose of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is to improve decision making and interaction with customers with all that this implies.   As far as financial management is concerned, which is «the cornerstone» of any company, the d365 business central makes things […]

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