We’re midyear and is the time to evaluate what are the trends in web design and development that are more running this year and which could highlight for next year.

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When we talk about web design and development, trends are like fashion, come and go. Some are dictated by usability and others are determined by changes in the industry itself. Consider the most popular changes:

The burger menu

The popularization of smartphones has brought about many changes. One of them is the appearance of the burger menu. We no longer have a fixed menu on a bar top or side, but remains hidden until we click on it.

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Subtle animations but enriched

The rich animations in logos, headers and backgrounds websites appear to counteract the appearance of homogeneous uniformity that seem to have all sites thanks to the democratization of flat design.

Incorporate light and intelligent animations on your site will easily captures the attention of the user, helping a much more intuitive navigation.


La Haute Société

Eric Huguenin


Flat 2.0

The Flat Design is a classic that has been improving year after year. It is clean, clear and connects seamlessly with responsive design. The Flat Design uses blocky and geometric shapes, flat and bright colors, texts with flat icons and simple graphics.

It aims for mixing minimalist objects and effects: large images, symbols, shadows and depth effects, dynamic and contrasted with each other colors, typeface easy to read with a uniform stroke, ghost buttons

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Modular and infinite scroll

The trend infinite scroll and began last year, but now has evolved and also is modular. That means that, on a website, each module can move by itself, independently of other modules.

The infinite scroll and the modular are based on the same premise: the scroll down is easier and faster to click and does not interrupt the user experience by stopping and load another page.

You have a good example in this web divided into two columns.

Full-screen forms

Adaptation to the responsive design to allow the user has more space when entering data has resulted in a new trend in web design. Many sites and apps are already opting for display your forms in full screen format, facilitating data input from the touch-screen.

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Trends in web development

This year we highlight the following specifications in web development:

Web Components: The new W3C standard for developing sites is now available for use, and libraries like Google allow Polymer squeeze their full potential.

PHP 7: This new update is up to two times faster than its predecessor, providing new features for programming and security.

NodeJS: The current trend is not much use NodeJS as backend technology for developing a site, which is also a good option, but to use the enormous amount of tools that allows you to language resource optimization, task management, etc.

Cloud Computing: Leveraging the cloud for web application development is something that allows us to speed, flexibility, scalability, everything a project in good health on the Internet need.

Isomorfization: The ability to use the same code on both the client and the server, which offers several representative advantages in terms of speed, maintenance and application versatility.


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