The network is like a dream that opens up a world of possibilities. We nuestronegocio and stretches before us an almost infinite universe to expand and think that, sure of ourselves that all we need is that the applied nephew of a friend makes us the website. And we expect rain the job!

There may be more benevolent alternative worlds with suckers that things do work in this way. In ours, it is a tad more bastard, things are a little more difficult. SEO Barcelona. It is that customers are not going to find on the internet as well as by infused knowledge. Prospective customers have the bad habit of using search engines. As you can imagine, business like yours, not in your country or region, if not in your own neighborhood, may be a few. So those customers are not much break the horns. In fact, according to recent statistics, 90% of people seeking information or online resources make it through search engines. Of all those search engines, the biggest of which is Google, which serves more than one billion daily queries.

And if you’ve ever looked at Google, surely yourself you noticed. 84% of our searches do not go beyond the first page. And yet, the statistics also say that 65% of people have never clicked on the sponsored links.

You see, it is very important that your business website comes on the first page of Google search. Yes, you can get paid, but that does not guarantee you the success. And this is not achieved through a lottery, or plug, this can only be achieved by Barcelona SEO strategies. It’s very important. Take advice or disappear!


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