Three Tips for doing business in China

There is an old saying: «Whoever does not hear advice not get old,» and this also applies to the longevity and prosperity of businesses, and that it is increasingly difficult to find professionals to guide us in our business relationships with Chinese companies, working with bilingual native people and support us in reliably say our ideas while, we are aware and guide of cultural differences between our culture and Chinese.

Without seeking to generate stereotypes, as China is virtually a subcontinent and each region has its own characteristics, customs and ways of doing business, three general recommendations of experts in business for people who do business in China are:


The correct way to greet Chinese

Although we must clarify that it is not the only way but in a workplace if it is, after extended hands the person must tilt the torso and head either to say hello or goodbye, the curious thing about this is that it looks simple but indeed, it is not, there are several ways to bend and it depends on the context of the situation, it is a very old way of showing respect, subordination, loyalty and many other things, this shows how complicated it can be Chinese culture but also she is beautiful.

Business card

Something very important for Chinese and usually exchanged during the initial contact to show interest, also, not to be rude should examine some seconds, then you should keep in the left shirt pocket. It is in very bad taste write on the card or keep it in the portfolio.

Look at the eyes

It is very important that when you want to lead the Chinese are direct look at them, and not to translators because, for some, this is considered disrespectful.

The best recommendation: Hire services Sino-Spanish, Spanish-Chinese translation professional- orientation.

The business world is very competitive, entering new markets is very important, understand and make us understand clearly what is much more.

It sounds simple, but many people prefer doing business, counseling, guidance or support professionals. The consequences can become disastrous for business, therefore, enterprises and Chinese-Spanish translation orientation are so important, because they understand the culture and way of working with Chinese.

Make sure that our ideas are properly understood we can avoid misunderstandings and many headaches, no doubt, the goal is clear: a long, lasting and successful relationship.

When speaking of China, do not think twice, is the best decision you can make.

Author: Jose Antonio Puga

En su segunda juventud ha descubierto la pasión de escribir. Cuando no se pierde entre fantasías futuristas y pesadillas infernales se dedica a divagar sobre cualquier tema que llame su atención. ¡Todo lo parece interesante! Y es que un escritor puede encontrar la inspiración en las fuentes más inesperadas...