If you have animals at home, chances are you’ve done them a pet insurance to cover the costs of the veterinarian. But if you think you leave, if for example you plan to take your dog or your cat on your vacation, then you might like to hire a travel pet insurance.

Unlike pet insurance, travel pet insurance will cover any unforeseen your pet can suffer your during the trip and not covered by traditional insurance. But to talk about it we have asked our friends advice iCustoms24 a customs agency who know a lot about these issues.




Those who have pets, when planning a trip, when a hotel have to book or apartment usually do depending on whether you allow access of animals.

To their owners, their pets are, in many cases, a family member, a fellow travel more, and therefore it is not surprising that also want to protect them when they are away from their habitual residence. Insurance companies understand the new needs of the people and therefore strive to create products that meet. Therefore, in the market there and travel insurance aimed specifically at pet pets, including very similar to those of a travel policy for people and guarantees that offer coverage worldwide.




A pet travel insurance is not the same as traditional pet insurance, designed to protect dogs and cats. These policies cover certain risks that pets are exposed during a trip and extends the list of animals for which you can hire.

So, you can subscribe to one of these policies for a variety of animals, from dogs and cats to ferrets, rabbits, hedgehogs, amphibians, fish, reptiles, primates or arachnids. Now, they are often beyond the scope of coverage for those who are hunting or practice another sport.

The animals must be aged between 3 to 6 months and 8 or 9 years. Moreover, as happens in the classic policies, when signing the policy will be necessary to prove that they have a microchip that identifies and are counted.




The pet travel insurance covers liability from the animal, provided they do not have the obligation to be insured by law as in the case of potentially dangerous dogs to veterinary care. These hedges itself which are included in classic pet insurance but there are others that are more specific to a travel policy:

Trip cancellation. The policy assumes the cancellation or annulment of displacement if some of the assumptions are referred to as theft loss, serious illness or death of the animal are produced.

Extended stay. It also covers the extra costs incurred for an extension of stay if the pet is lost, sick or suffer injuries such magnitude that requires veterinary treatment.

Theft and loss. Another claims covering one of these policies is the theft or loss of the pet. The company can offer monetary compensation to the owner if not found before a certain time and pay for health expenses if the animal has been damaged.



Repatriation. Like a travel insurance provides for the repatriation of its policyholders and companions in case of accident, illness or death, this policy also ensures the transfer of the animal and the policyholder to the habitual residence of the owner. Moreover, in the event that the injured or deceased is the pet owner, the company will take care of bringing the animal with the family or person who is found responsible for it. Thus, the animal will not be unprotected or helpless in a city or country other than their own.

Stay in a residence. Now if the person traveling the animal is hospitalized and no other person who can take care of it, the travel insurance will cover the costs of placement thereof in a residence up to a maximum fixed in the contract .


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