EAW’s Avalon Series, the best equipment for a club

EAW has announced the launch of the next generation of professional club loudspeaker systems: the EAW Avalon Series.  The line is the brainchild of John Lyons, a renowned designer and dance club owner whose Avalon Hollywood club is a favourite venue for the world’s most famous DJs.  Lyons’ collaboration with EAW to produce the original Avalon line of loudspeakers dates back to the late 1990s. The EAW Avalon series is a step up from all previous disco speaker systems with advanced acoustic technology. We spoke to the professional sound and music production shop Microfusa, connoisseurs of the EAW brand, to find out more about the Avalon series. Features of the new Avalon products These new stage monitors include the CLUB.two […]

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