If you love music and want to study a course with many job opportunities, the professional DJ training is ideal for you. Professional DJ courses are very complete, as they combine theory and practice starting from scratch. Today we will focus this article on everything you need to know to become a professional DJ. Currently, we have a lot of content and different knowledge on the internet, but this is not enough if you want to stand out as a professional DJ. What can really boost your career as a professional DJ is to be trained and educated. The benefits you will get in your career if you are certified will be much better. Microfusa, Official Pioneer DJ School, has […]

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The aim of the Higher Degree in Music is to provide quality artistic training for integration into the professional fields of this discipline. The main objective is to provide students with practical, theoretical and methodological training through the subjects studied. These will guarantee a professional qualification in the fields of creation, performance, research and teaching. The Higher Degree in Music allows access to different and varied job opportunities depending on the speciality studied. Microfusa is one of the schools where you can prepare for the Título Superior de Música. After completing any of the 2-year diplomas, you will have direct access to a 3rd year at one of the universities with which it has a signed agreement. Microfusa degrees Madrid […]

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Professional DJ course in Microfusa

If your dream is to become a professional DJ, training is essential to achieve your goal, and you will get it in a DJ school. Although it is true that everything related to music requires a natural talent, to be a professional DJ, it is also necessary to master techniques. Let’s not forget that it is a profession directly related to new technologies, which are constantly advancing, and that it is necessary to know and handle them with fluency. Another equally important factor is the dj school chosen for training, and it is worth opting for the most renowned ones, such as MicroFusa. This music school, with centres in Barcelona, Madrid and also online courses, has a wide variety of […]

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Mastering is the final process of a music production and also the most complex, as it involves achieving an amateur or professional sound. The purpose of mastering is to be able to make the final adjustments to dynamics, balance and image to perfect the track, creating a master version of the mix. This is prepared for fixation or transmission by different means: CD, MP3 file, radio broadcasting or digital sales. During mastering, work is done on the fine stereo mix with different equipment such as compressors, limiters, equalisers, etc. The engineering of mastering must be different from that of mixing, and it is advisable to differentiate between the two. It is advisable that two different engineers are in charge of […]

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Importance of ERP integration in ecommerce development

integracion ERP

The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an information system that integrates the internal operations of the company; such as production, logistics, distribution, human resources. ERP integration in an ecommerce automates all processes and operations. It also simplifies the work and collects all the company’s information on the same platform, which saves time and costs. In Somos Sinapsis, ecommerce agency in Barcelona, we are specialists in making integrations between ERP systems and eCommerce platforms such as Magento (1 and Magento 2) or Prestashop.  ERP integration in eCommerce Before performing any ERP integration, a few tips should be considered. First, they should make sure that the chosen ERP meets the needs and desires of the customer. After customizing the ERP purchased, the […]

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New Focal DJ monitors

If you are interested in the world of music production, you are probably familiar with the Focal brand, a French company that is a world leader in the manufacture of hi-fi solutions. More than 40 years of experience and a range of high-tech products guarantee the well-deserved prestige of the brand all over the world. One of Focal’s flagship products is its DJ monitors, such as the new Evo range. New features, technologies and design: these are the new Focal Alpha 50 Evo and Focal Alpha 65 Evo studio monitors. Both are very versatile and offer great possibilities at a very competitive price in their sector. These monitors, which are perfect for professional mixing in all environments, can also be […]

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Aquaservice is a company dedicated to the marketing and distribution of bottled mineral water and soft drinks.  In other words, Aquaservice is a service that offers a mineral water dispenser at home that allows the customer to enjoy hot and cold water, but is it really a profitable option? Aquaservice: A mineral water company? When Aquaservice appeared on the Spanish market, it was known as the company that provides a water balanced in mineral components, recommended for the preparation of baby food and ideal for cooking. However, Aquaservice ended up self-labeling itself as a mineral water and soft drinks distribution company.  The natural mineral water offered by Aquaservice is actually water that is purified by reverse osmosis and disinfected with […]

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Numark, the soul of disco

For over 40 years, Numark has combined an understanding of the needs of DJs with the most advanced technologies. As a result, the company has created industry-leading products: dj controllers, mixing consoles, turntables, turntables, dj decks and more. Numark has never stopped innovating and making the most of engineering to meet the needs of both professional and amateur DJs. The brand was founded in Edison, New Jersey by Harry and Robert Kotovsky in 1971. At that time Numark quickly established itself as one of the leading manufacturers in the DJ industry during the Disco era. Numark is considered to be the largest manufacturer of DJ equipment in the world. In its early days, Numark mixers were the benchmark. Today, Numark […]

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agua barcelona

The natural mineral water from the Sant Hilari Spring was born in Montseny (Girona) at an altitude of 1,000 meters. It has a stable mineral composition and does not require any treatment. With Manantial de Sant Hilari, you will not only have water, but also health. Due to its biological and geological conditions, the quality and sanitary characteristics of the water are guaranteed, especially its high cellular hydration capacity. Saint Hilari offers a home water service, both for companies and individuals. They provide a convenient service and put at your disposal a water dispenser with a bottle of mineral water of 18.9 liters.  It is a home water service that goes according to the needs of each client, so that […]

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Omniwallet, a new omni-channel loyalty tool

Some companies dedicated to the development of internet businesses have been researching for some time now an easy, economical and effective solution to increase omnichannel. With Omniwallet, the Somos Sinapsis agency has achieved this, taking a step forward in 360º loyalty.  This omnichannel solution achieves customer acquisition and loyalty, acting as a link between the physical and virtual worlds.  Until recently, this consisted in the development of an App, which in some cases is effective, but most of the time it has more disadvantages than benefits. Thus, Somos Sinapsis has created cards called Omniwallet, updating their data and connecting with other systems to become a bridging tool.  Onmiwallet and the use of mobile wallets By means of this simple technology […]

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