Dentist making impression with Duralay resin

Temporary resins for dental prostheses are usually compound or acrylic, such as Duralay. Note that the resin prosthesis is not a fixed dental prosthesis, and can be put on or removed as required. What is intended with resin prostheses that are as aesthetic as possible so that the patient smiles without any trouble. Duralay resins stand out for being an excellent self-curing acrylic, today the most stable in the market in its class. It is of low dimensional change and has little contraction power. Its heat moldability point is equal to that of the wax and leaves no residue or releases heat when polymerizing. It can also be used for copying stumps, direct copings in the mouth or for dragging. […]

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The engine of a boat is an essential part, especially if the boat lacks another propulsion system. For this reason, the engine review becomes a priority and being alert to the indicators that show the need to perform it is vital. The life of a boat’s engine is shorter than that of any other vehicle. The reason is the saltpeter. Corrosive salt accelerates the deterioration of metal parts. And we do not want to stay in the middle of the sea simply because we have not been attentive to the need for an engine review. That is why, in today’s article, our friends from V de Bravado , the boat dock in Barcelona, tell us about the signs that indicate […]

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A fiber boat does not enjoy the same appeal as a sailboat built with other materials such as steel, aluminum or, above all, wood. The fiber is a cold and bland material and the painting of the hull of a fiber boat is not the same as running your hand through a beautiful mahogany plank while you think what varnish you are going to apply. De todas formas, lo cierto es que es un material magnífico para la construcción de embarcaciones y gracias a él se ha popularizado al náutica. The fiber boat: history To be strictly rigorous, we should call the fiberglass reinforced fiberglass polyester or GRP, in short, plastic. Fiberglass or GRP began to be used in the […]

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Basic orthodontics: niti bows, stripping and brackets

Braces in orthodontic treatment

Orthodontics is a treatment to correct malocclusions in young or adult dentition, after growth. It plays a very important role from which other dental specialties may benefit from necessity or to complement other treatments. The demand for orthodontic treatment has increased greatly in recent years. It is increasingly common to see people of all ages with brackets without the slightest objection. This boom has meant improvements in the dental material for orthodontics, which in addition to the well-known brackets consists of more elements. Numerous and varied materials and devices are being marketed to facilitate the best possible treatment. Now you can find ceramic, aluminum or sapphire brackets, removable splints, micro screws, Niti arches of different alloys, Magic Strip … In […]

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In a boat, it is clear that the engine is the fundamental piece. It is vital to always have it in perfect working order. Our friends V de Bravado, are in charge of the engine revision so that everything is correct, but you can make your nautical engine have a longer life with good maintenance. That is why, in today’s article, V de Bravado, our boathouse in Barcelona, gives us some tips to keep the engine, check and revise it, perform good maintenance and prevent problems. Tips to maintain your nautical engine Watch out for alarm indicators Don’t ignore the dashboard indicators, because they can tell us about future problems. If the light indicators are of poor quality or of […]

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Makerbot 3d printers for classrooms

Some of the best personal 3D printers on the market are undoubtedly the Makerbot. These are faster and easier to use printers for professional quality models. Their effectiveness makes them suitable for many fields, and they are revealed as particularly useful in education. Desktop 3D printers can encourage students to solve real problems, stimulating creativity. Makerbot is aware of the challenge of providing 3D printer classrooms. That is why the American company founded in New York in 2009 has developed new solutions for educators. What they need is an aid to start previously planned lessons. For this, the MaketBot Educators Guide is focused to meet their specific needs, adding content to the resources. These include Thingiverse Education, the largest library, […]

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The PTC Creo is a software designed to create 3D products in the most effective and possible way. This set of programs allow design without submitting to the demands that the program itself and the tools can set. This means that the PTC Creo, aimed at industrial designers, allows them to create their products more directly by multiplying possibilities. The PTC Creo includes a series of programs to develop 3D CAD products with superior capabilities and features. The course of PTC Creo introduces the student to perform functions of a designer / designer in a mechanical engineering office.  It also implements the management of CADCAM, the latest technology tool that covers all the needs of a technical office. This means […]

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Today we wanted to inform us about the type of safety equipment on board a ship. So to explain everything necessary we talked with our friends V de Bravado dry dock, the best slipway for boats we know, or at least the best slipway in Barcelona. With his extensive knowledge of all types of boats in the dry dock and his great experience as sailors, we have been told about different safety elements such as harnesses, pyrotechnic material, life jackets, etc. All that equipment that we hope we do not have to put into service or use ever in life but, if we ever need to, we better know where they are and how they work. EQUIPMENT AND MANDATORY SAFETY EQUIPMENT Currently, there are […]

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Ansys is an ecosystem of CAE programs for design, analysis and simulation of parts by finite elements. It includes the preparation, execution and post-process phases. The program executes the analysis of parts submitted to physical phenomena used in engineering and mechanical design, being able to solve physical problems submitted to thermal stresses, fluids, vibration and specific applications. In short, Ansys is a simulation software that covers all aspects of physics. In this way, it helps companies obtain the best value for investment in engineering simulation. ADVANTAGES OF THE ANSYS SIMULATION SOFTWARE The development of products guided by simulation takes engineering to a new level. It is in this context that the excellence and precision of the software, together with its incredible […]

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Moisture aboard a ship is not only dangerous, it is inevitable. For this reason it is important to know and know how to protect our boat from its worst effects. If our boat does not maintain the optimum level of humidity, on the one hand it can affect the condition of the boat (producing corrosion, oxidation and even mold), but on the other hand it can also affect people and give health problems such as arthritis or rheumatism WHAT IS HUMIDITY Humidity is the manifestation of water evaporated in the atmosphere and condenses when sudden changes in temperature are found. A cubic meter of air at a temperature of 25ºC supports approximately 4,000 grams of water in solution. But if we […]

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