The term is on the lips of many, but there are still those who have some doubts about what an e-commerce consulting is and what its functions are. What is clear is that online sales only work if applied from professional knowledge, applying the necessary techniques and tools to make it truly effective. And this is the exclusive task of an e-commerce consultancy, which helps businesses or companies to redefine their strategies, adapting them to specific circumstances. For this, it is necessary to start from a detailed analysis of the business and its competition, to assess the possibilities of online sales. There are many factors that intervene in the strategy to be drawn, such as positioning, bandring, sales channels, etc. […]

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transformacion digital y covid-19

The consulting firm IDC Research Spain has carried out a study that analyzes the impact of Covid-19 on the digital transformation of the company. This is a study carried out with the aim of addressing the different intensity with which the pandemic is affecting the market in the digital transformation sector, interviewing 130 CEOs and IT decision-makers. IDC Research Spain has structured its report in four main areas: COVID-19 impact on business and billing processes COVID-19 Impact on IT Spending Remote work management Changes in the organization’s digital culture In addition, particular emphasis has been placed on the revenue perspective for 2020, the effects on IT spending, the management and use of Smart Work policies and the change in the […]

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v de bravado varadero de Catalunya

In all these subjects on the care of the boats and nautical in general, we usually have the advice of V de Bravado, a dry dock in Premia de Mar that we consider the best dry dock in Catalonia and experts in all these subjects. And today, precisely we are going to talk about how to choose the best dry dock for your boat. So again we went to V de Bravado, connoisseurs of each dry dock in Catalonia, its characteristics and circumstances, to explain what we have to value when choosing the dry dock that is best for us when we want to maintain our ship. Characteristics to consider when choosing a dry dock Usually, when choosing dry dock, […]

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PTC Creo Simulate is a vibrational, thermal and structural analysis solution with a complete set of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) capabilities that allow you to analyze and validate the performance of your 3D virtual prototypes before moving into development. PTC Creo Simulate has been specifically designed so that any engineer can do a basic simulation. How PTC Creo Simulate works Start by modeling your design in Creo Parametric, click a single tab in the user interface, and then apply loads, materials, and boundary conditions to design geometry in PTC Creo Simulate. It is easy. Even better, you can see the results quickly. If necessary, adjust the model to produce higher quality designs faster. This comprehensive set of capabilities allows you […]

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PTC Creo is a computer-aided design, manufacturing and engineering product of PTC Creo Corporation. A parametric design software very popular among mechanical designers and cheaper than others in the same range. It is considered one of the most popular 3D industrial design and product simulation programs in sectors such as automotive or aeronautics. In today’s article we will discover the latest news from PTC Creo 6.0, its latest version. And to discover all the secrets of PTC Creo 6.0 we have the help of Integral PLM, experts in digital transformation. Discover the news of PTC Creo 6.0 With Creo 6.0, the design arrives as it should be. And it is that Creo 6.0 increases your productivity more than ever since […]

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impresion 3d

The revolution of 3D printing has reached companies. 3D printers are increasingly incorporating more features and applications, opening new paths to sectors such as transport or architecture. In fact, to be honest, many of these new projects would not be possible today without 3D printing. In today’s article Integral PLM, he tells us about these new applications and in which business areas they show more utility. Prototype production Until now, the creation of prototypes required corrections and adjustments, causing processes that take a long time. With 3D printing the development time and the cost of the parts are reduced. In addition, as our friends of Integral PLM tell us, it allows us to perform several tests at the same time […]

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This 2020 choose 3D printing courses

Impresión 3D

Learning to design and optimize designs for subsequent 3D printing is one of the main objectives of the professionals of the sector for this newly released 2020. And for this nothing better than taking a course like the Integral 3D Printing & HP Masterclass, a design guide for additive manufacturing in digital production. It is a masterclass that, in addition to allowing 3D printing of designs, reveals the powerful HP Multi Jet Fusion technology applied to success stories. A great opportunity to know in depth the revolution in 3D printing, learning from the best experts and knowing the latest developments in technology. Additive manufacturing in the new era of digital production is already possible. The Integral 3D Printing masterclass begins […]

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G2L CaptureData

In today’s article we will talk about GladToLink, also known as G2L CaptureData, a solution for the digital transformation of industry 4.0. An application that allows us to forget about infrastructure and copies and with which we can benefit from the cloud and keep the documentation of our organization safe. For this we have the help of Integral PLM, experts in G2L CaptureData. What is GladToLInn, G2L CaptureData G2L CaptureData is a multi-device application that allows you to capture data both from inside the factory and from the work done externally, generating documents automatically. You can also start workflows to share documents with collaborators and data with other applications of our organization. In addition to a web platform that allows […]

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carpinteria y ebanisteria para barcos

In today’s article we are going to talk about carpentry and joinery for boats, the jobs that will leave our boat as new. To learn more about these tasks, we have consulted our friends of V de Bravado, the best boathouse in Barcelona and, precisely, one of the best boathouses in terms of carpentry and joinery service for boats. Wood, the basis of nautical carpentry Whether it is serial production or if we talk about personalized work, from the manufacture of a prototype to the restoration of a classic boat, the beauty and interest of carpentry and joinery for boats is found in the rich content of the work, variety, precision and, above all, in wood. Different types of wood […]

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