marketing de afiliados

If you still don’t know what an affiliate platform is, in today’s article, we are going to discover affiliate marketing through Sinapsis, an online marketing and web development agency that has just created its own affiliate platform. So the first step will be to know what affiliate marketing is. What’s affiliates marketing Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular online marketing strategies today. In short, it is a form of digital marketing totally based on obtaining results with the minimum investment for the advertiser. Unlike other strategies, in affiliate marketing the advertiser only pays for the results obtained. Its operation could not be simpler. The affiliate network is responsible for promoting the advertisers’ products or services on their websites […]

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The covid 19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of ecommerce: many companies have survived thanks to it, and ecommerce development has been boosted enormously. In the midst of the widespread crisis, online shopping was a valuable resource for businesses and consumers alike. Marketing experts have already announced that the increase in e-commerce sales will continue even after the pandemic is over. Therefore, the trend in ecommerce development is on the rise, as the general population is becoming more and more comfortable with this mode of shopping. In addition to allowing them to maintain the recommended social distance, people who still trusted this shopping method have had the opportunity to see that it is safe, convenient and effective. In the agency […]

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Sound technician: Professional outings

The Sound Technician diploma is a two-year professional training cycle. In the case of the sound technician course taught by the Microfusa school, on completion it can be completed with a university degree in England, with direct access to the third year at Solent University. Of all the courses of this type, the sound technician course offers a wide and deep vision necessary to become a professional. The principles of musical language and composition, the history of music production and music are studied in depth. There are also subjects related to the music industry, contracts, promotion, rights, etc. In the case of the Microfusa school, its sound technician course in Barcelona also includes English classes with a native teacher and […]

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diseño web

Web design is a sector which is in constant evolution and transformation, so it is of vital importance to be aware of new trends in web design and development. Every year new ways of presenting a web page arise to capture the attention of the target audience and to improve the organic positioning (SEO).  The advances in web development and design originate from the needs and desires of clients and interns, as well as taking into account current trends. In Somos Sinapsis, web design agency Barcelona, are responsible for studying each case to define, design and implement the design and development of the website for companies and brands.  New trends in web design Nowadays, for a company, whatever its sector, […]

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Music production courses are essential for producing electronic music or other possibilities in the same sector. If you are thinking of dedicating yourself professionally to it, or you simply like things done well and want to produce electronic music, a Music Production course is the solution. In a training course of this type you will learn to identify the union between electronic music and acoustic recordings in a professional recording studio.  At least if you take the course at the Microfusa Music School, where you can get certified as an Avid Protools, Ableton Live user or operator. Let’s take a look at the courses offered by this prestigious music school. Learning music production If you are interested in learning music […]

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