New Focal DJ monitors

If you are interested in the world of music production, you are probably familiar with the Focal brand, a French company that is a world leader in the manufacture of hi-fi solutions. More than 40 years of experience and a range of high-tech products guarantee the well-deserved prestige of the brand all over the world. One of Focal’s flagship products is its DJ monitors, such as the new Evo range. New features, technologies and design: these are the new Focal Alpha 50 Evo and Focal Alpha 65 Evo studio monitors. Both are very versatile and offer great possibilities at a very competitive price in their sector. These monitors, which are perfect for professional mixing in all environments, can also be […]

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Music production courses in Madrid and Barcelona

Music production courses are probably the most demanded in the sector, especially in Madrid and Barcelona. The content of this type of training is constantly changing, based on the alliance between electronics and acoustic recordings in professional recording studios. The importance of the equipment of the centres where music production courses are given is essential. They must be perfectly equipped to offer high-end training with the latest technology in DAWs, synthesizers and professional studio equipment, as is the case at Microfusa. This renowned music production school, with centres in Madrid and Barcelona, offers a wide variety of courses aimed at both electronic music production and main stream. Students have the possibility of becoming certified as users or operators of Avid […]

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Aquaservice is a company dedicated to the marketing and distribution of bottled mineral water and soft drinks.  In other words, Aquaservice is a service that offers a mineral water dispenser at home that allows the customer to enjoy hot and cold water, but is it really a profitable option? Aquaservice: A mineral water company? When Aquaservice appeared on the Spanish market, it was known as the company that provides a water balanced in mineral components, recommended for the preparation of baby food and ideal for cooking. However, Aquaservice ended up self-labeling itself as a mineral water and soft drinks distribution company.  The natural mineral water offered by Aquaservice is actually water that is purified by reverse osmosis and disinfected with […]

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