Avid pro tools

For most professional musicians, producers and sound engineers, Avid Pro Tools represents their work. Pro Tools is a digital audio workstation, better known as a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

Avid Proo Tools is present in all major studios, such as Abbey Road or Skywalker Sound. Avid Proo Tools continues to improve and update Pro Tools every year, maintaining its leading position in the market.

Avid Pro Tools is the most widely used DAW in the largest and most professional studios, but it is also an ideal choice for home studios because it has the easiest workflow to use. 

For Mac users, Apple Logic Pro X may be a better option, but if you want to know the most used software, you can only choose Avid Pro Tool. 

Microfusa Escuela as an official and pioneer Pro Tools school, offers the possibility to study official Pro Tools certifications up to level 200 (Pro Tools Operator Certificate) through the various levels starting with protools 101, protools 110 and protools 201. 

Avid pro tools

Become a Pro Tools Operator with Microsfusa Escuela

Recording audio with Pro Tools

Avid Pro Tools is very easy to use, even for those who have never used this DAW. The main interface has two windows: edit and mix. The edit window handles all the recording, organizing and editing of audio and MIDI details. Avid Pro Tools audio editing is precise and seamless.


Pro Tools comes with a very nice selection of virtual instruments. These include Drum Machine Boom, Mini Grand, DB-33, Structure Free, Xpand2 and Vacuum mono synthesizers that provide a variety of sounds and reverbs. Includes a total of more than 60 instruments and effects.

Mixing and post-production

Whether you have one of the expensive and beautiful Avid controllers, or just your computer mouse, the Mix Window is a miracle. The Mix Window is one of the two main modes in Pro Tools. It presents all the tracks on the mixing console as if they were real.

Avid pro tools

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