electronic music

In recent years, electronic music has become a trend among young people. About ten years ago, when a young person wanted to become a DJ, he basically had one way to achieve his goal: watch the older ones and learn by himself. 

The first Spanish electronic music deejaying scene in Spain established a career in its own way, but it has not yet been formally considered. Considering that electroacoustic and electronic music production has been an important academic reference for decades in Europe, it is not surprising that in Spain it has always developed outside the official network of music academies.

For this reason, Microfusa Escuela is teaching electronic music production courses and electronic music composition courses. Discover all the electronic music courses in Barcelona.

Electronic music production: A Microfusa School course

The electronic music production courses are the best training route to learn and master the tools of music creation in a more complete and advanced way.

This course provides the basic knowledge of music production, including the use of audio and MIDI sequencers, audio synthesis, mixing and processing, mastering, etc. You will use one of the best audio programs in Ableton Live.

This course is divided into three parts, each lasting one semester.

The courses are held two days a week, and the training is complemented by various materials, exercises and projects proposed on the virtual campus.

Electronic Music Composition: A Microfusa School course

The focus of the electronic music composition course is to study the basic concepts of music suitable for a powerful technological environment. 

Electronic music and its production methods are becoming more and more extensive, so the music creation used by many laypeople is different from the music creation that usually occurs in other musical forms. 

DJ producers, electronic music producers or simple producers have become synonymous with composers through electronic means or computer tools.

The course combines theoretical contents, such as musical interpretation, thematic analysis and musical trends, and of course the composition of the arrangement (percussion rhythm, melody, chord progression, structure, etc.), thus supporting the creation. A solid musical base.

Microfusa Escuela is backed by its three decades of solid experience training true professional DJs and music producers linked to the world of DJing. Find out about all the electronic music courses in Madrid.

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