Would you like to learn sound mastering at a professional level? Do you love music and would like to work as a sound technician? If so, a mastering course would be ideal for you. This training will give you the knowledge, techniques and skills needed to master a musical mix.

Mastering is a specific training for those who are familiar with professional sound or production, which will allow you to learn the basics of DAWs and/or the recording and mixing studio.

At the Microfusa music school, which provides both face-to-face and online music training, they explain what you need to know about the mastering course. This training can be applied immediately to personal and professional projects.

Mastering: the course description

This mixed mastering course, which is given by Microfusa in person, lasts one week. It is intensive and in small groups, with a maximum of six students and two sessions per day, morning and afternoon. In these sessions, basic concepts of mastering processing tools are reviewed. These concepts are also applied in a practical way in mastering projects.

With this training, everything there is to know about mastering is covered in depth by highly qualified sound technicians. And all of this is done in an enjoyable way, in a professional studio, alternating between theory and practice, and as concrete projects.

The course agenda

  • Presentation and review of equipment and tools for analysis
  • Corrective EQ
  • Creative EQ
  • The dynamics and its processing
  • Types and techniques of compression
  • Final processing, editing and export
  • Mastering projects 1, 2, 3 and 4

The only requirements for taking the course are basic computer skills. The knowledge that you acquire in this mastering course, you will be able to apply it to any platform of musical creation. The courses are attended by students and are given in Madrid and Barcelona. If you are interested, you can register on the website of the Microfusa school.

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