With thousands of units sold worldwide, Makerbot is one of the leading manufacturers in the 3D printing segment, Makerbot Replicator being its flagship product.

Makerbot differs from other 3D printing proposals by offering a comprehensive solution. It is not just about offering equipment or supplies, but having an ecosystem that combines both hardware and software and services, getting a full use experience. Always focused on a user who does not have to be a technology expert.

Proof of this is the Makerbot Replicator to which we dedicate our article today, reviewing the different models of the flagship of the brand.


The Replicator Z18 offers a great price-value ratio with a print volume of 300 x 305 x 457 mm. This, together with the Smart Extruder + that it includes, will allow us to create accurate and resistant prototypes with PLA and Tough PLA. In addition, with the new extruder and the LCD screen we can create 3D models of high quality and resistance in a simple way.

It includes the MakerBot Print software that will allow us to work directly with the native CAD files and prepare them for printing in a simple and intuitive way. On the other hand, with the USB, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections of the machine together with the built-in camera, we can track the printing in real time and control it remotely from a computer or mobile device with the MakerBot Mobile application.


The Replicator + is a desktop 3D printer that prints equally in PLA and Tough PLA high strength thanks to its Smart Extruder + head. And it also has an LCD screen that facilitates its operation in conjunction with the MakerBot Print software and the MakerBot Mobile mobile application.

On the other hand, its new flexible printing tray offers a print volume of 295 x 195 x 165 mm and facilitates the removal of the pieces while avoiding bowing thanks to its adhesion technology. The structure of the axes and the Smart Extruder + guarantee high reliability and precision, achieving high quality prints.

Like the Replicator Z18, the Replicator + is adapted to Industry 4.0 thanks to its connectivity via USB, Wi-Fi and Ethernet and to the camera that allows to control the printing in different machines from MakerBot Mobile, in this way we can give orders to our computers remotely. The MakerBot Print software works directly with native CAD files that optimizes for printing easily.


The Replicator Mini + is a compact device that does not renounce the maximum performance, with the Smart Extruder + able to print on PLA and Tough PLA and a printing tray of 101 x 126 x 126 mm that has Build Grip to ensure adherence of the piece and avoid bowing.

Thanks to the MakerBot Print software that works directly with the native CAD files, preparing them for printing and the MakerBot Mobile mobile application, the Replicator Mini + is easy to configure. Thanks to its Wi-Fi and USB connectivity and its camera, we can control it remotely with our mobile device and can see the progress of our printing live. In addition, we can control several machines at once.

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