Integral PLM presents a unique solution to solve, analyze and share engineering calculations: PTC Mathcad. A tool with an easy-to-use interface that allows mathematical notation of instant update, unit information and powerful calculation capabilities. With PTC Mathcad, cad design engineers and teams will be able to capture and communicate crucial design and engineering knowledge.

ptc mathcad

Explaining PTC Mathcad

What distinguishes PTC Mathcad from other tools is its ease of use. Actually, it is the first solution that allows users to solve and document engineering calculations simultaneously on a single reusable worksheet, which can be easily saved or converted to various formats. The intuitive interface of PTC Mathcad combines standard mathematical notation of instant update, text and graphics in a presentable format that allows knowledge capture, reuse and design verification to improve product quality.

PTC Mathcad goes beyond spreadsheets, word processors, presentation software and programming applications. It has powerful calculation features in user-readable format. Integrate user-readable instant update calculations with graphics, text and images into a single interactive document with professional presentation.

This ease and familiarity of an engineering notebook allows the exploration, validation and verification of designs, and unambiguous communication of crucial engineering information. Best of all, it is not necessary to be an expert in PTC Mathcad to read and understand PTC Mathcad documents.

ptc mathcad

Main features

Mathcad stands out, look how you look, in terms of functionality, performance and ease of use. For this reason, this solution presented by Integral PLM is the standard for engineering calculations:

60 integrated signal processing functions in the Mathcad signal processing package.
600 integrated functions of engineering calculations.
4,000 validated worksheets, in American and metric units, from Knovel.

Unit management

With Mathcad you ensure the integrity and accuracy of the results, including explicit units in all calculations.

Full documentation

With this solution you can present calculations and designs integrating instant update math, text, graphics and images into a single complete document.

Excel component

You can simplify your tasks by easily using existing spreadsheet data.


You can create templates that include all the content and use them as the basis of the new worksheets.

Advanced numerical notation

The new functions, up to 100 times faster, offer greater capacity and return the result in a simpler format to work with.

3D graphics

Many complex models require 3D views to better understand these models and data. With PTC Mathcad you can create polar, contour and surface 3D graphics.


Automate the process of integrating numerical and symbolic calculations by configuring the correct form of the formula before entering the numbers.


Write and integrate your own functions, and customize the environment to adapt it to your needs. With an unlimited ability to define own functions.

If you want to know more about this tool, chosen by more than 250,000 engineers worldwide, do not hesitate to contact Integral PLM.

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