PTC Creo Simulate is a vibrational, thermal and structural analysis solution with a complete set of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) capabilities that allow you to analyze and validate the performance of your 3D virtual prototypes before moving into development. PTC Creo Simulate has been specifically designed so that any engineer can do a basic simulation.


How PTC Creo Simulate works

Start by modeling your design in Creo Parametric, click a single tab in the user interface, and then apply loads, materials, and boundary conditions to design geometry in PTC Creo Simulate. It is easy. Even better, you can see the results quickly. If necessary, adjust the model to produce higher quality designs faster.

This comprehensive set of capabilities allows you to send a more developed product to the analytics department, and eliminate costly changes, while still cost-effective to do so. Creo Simulate is available as a standalone application or as a Creo Parametric extension.

curso integral plm PTC CREO SIMULATE

Integral PLM structural simulation course

The objective of the Integral PLM structural simulation course, experts in 3D printing, is to provide the student with the necessary training to carry out design optimization tasks using digital prototype analysis with Creo Simulate. Also teach how to simulate product performance and adapt the 3D model accordingly, without the need for finite element calculation knowledge from a specialist.

Syllabus of the Integral PLM structural simulation course

The Integral PLM PTC Creo Simulate structural simulation course consists of the following topics:

  • Theoric introduction.
  • Validation of Designs using PTC Creo Simulate (Introduction).
  • Design optimization using PTC Creo Simulate.
  • Use of Idealizations:
    • Mass Elements, Spring Elements and Beams Elements.
    • Shell elements.
    • Solid Elements.
    • Rigid Connections and Interfaces.
    • End and perimeter welds.
  • Optimize Models for Analysis:
    • Medium surfaces.
    • Surface and volume regions.
    • Flat tension.
  • Assign properties to models.
  • Types of restrictions.
  • Types of Loads.
  • Create and run structural, stationary thermal analyzes, combination of both types of analysis.
  • Compare SPA and MPA results.
  • Detailed evaluation of results and modal analysis.
  • Sensitivity analysis.
  • Optimization Analysis.
  • Introduction to various types of analysis:
    • Contact analysis.
    • Large deformations.
    • Buckling analysis.

Course data

The course is taught by Integral PLM Experts. PTC CREO Authorized Distributor. PTC Solutions ATP Center., With more than 25 years of experience in implementation, training, consulting and engineering projects using PTC CREO CAD / CAM / CAE solutions in the most diverse areas: design, management, development of molds, dies, machinery, machining, analysis and optimization by finite elements …

This is a 3-day course that will take place between May 25 and 27. You will find more information at this link.

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