In general, the nautical hardware usually refers to the whole set of accessories on the deck of a boat (carabiners, shackles, etc.) that are used to maneuver the sails. The origin of this seaworthy concept goes back to the old sailing ships that, in antiquity, had a stern castle and a forecastle. That’s where the  nautical hardware concept comes from.

The aft castle consisted of the superstructure of the boat that rose above the main deck at the stern end. The covers placed on this structure constituted the roof of the cabins and the aft cabins, where usually the military officers and the personalities navigating of passage lived.

In turn, the forecastle consisted of the superstructure of the boat that rose above the main deck just at the forward end. For that reason, the cover placed on it was called the castle’s roof.


Over time, the concept of nautical hardware has evolved. At sea, both the weather agents and the salt water itself cause a continuous degradation in the vertical elements of the boat. To maintain its good state of conservation it is necessary to have a specialized work that can undertake with all the guarantees the essential works in masts, rigging and rigging. Part of these works is what we currently know as nautical hardware.

In broad strokes, we could say that it is about the replacement, repair, update and improvement of stick maneuvers, navigation and deck, the change of the fixed rigging and labor if it has deteriorated over time or the trimming of the stick ship. In summary, the nautical hardware consists of the assembly of all the fixed and working rigging of a sailboat.


– It will prevent your sails from better supporting the climatic shocks and that are easily torn down.
– The nautical equipment guarantees the safety of the crew and the passengers of a boat when guaranteeing its maintenance.
– It gives you confidence in your long trips.
– It will increase the resistance of your boat before the elements.


If you need a good nautical service, the best option you will find are the services of V de Bravado. Varadero opened in October 2016 at the marina of Premià de Mar and with a technical area of ​​12,500 m2, is one of the most modern on the Mediterranean coast.

Its modern facilities are perfectly equipped to face, with absolute guarantee, any type of repair and refit work for boats, whether sailing or motor. And, evidently, they have a team specialized in nautical fittings, prepared to face all kinds of work in masts, rigging and rigging. From the performance of non-aggressive tests to evaluate the condition of the boat, until the repair or replacement of any part of the system.

In V de Bravado dominate all kinds of accessories of deck: hatches, anodes, reels, tensioners, pulleys, wind vanes, catches, winches, candlesticks, teethers, shackles, cleats, boat steering wheels, etc.

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