carpinteria y ebanisteria para barcos

In today’s article we are going to talk about carpentry and joinery for boats, the jobs that will leave our boat as new. To learn more about these tasks, we have consulted our friends of V de Bravado, the best boathouse in Barcelona and, precisely, one of the best boathouses in terms of carpentry and joinery service for boats.

carpinteria y ebanisteria para barcos

Wood, the basis of nautical carpentry

Whether it is serial production or if we talk about personalized work, from the manufacture of a prototype to the restoration of a classic boat, the beauty and interest of carpentry and joinery for boats is found in the rich content of the work, variety, precision and, above all, in wood. Different types of wood such as oak, mahogany, marine plating or noble wood such as teak, iroko or sapelli, are what give character to a boat.

In carpentry for boats, woodworking requires specific training that goes beyond the technical knowledge of general carpentry. In a boat the volumes are usually complex, delimited by many curves, but they are also a requirement for the optimization of the reduced space. It is vital to aim for lightness, robustness and ergonomics, so that the boat is as manageable and comfortable as possible, maintaining the most beautiful aesthetic possible.

carpinteria para barcos,

The forms of carpentry and joinery for boats

Our friends of V de Bravado explain to us that carpentry and joinery for boats comprises two great specialties: exterior carpentry and interior carpentry. Being both part of the same job, each specialty requires its own specific skills.

Exterior carpentry

The exterior carpentry for boats includes the construction or modification of the exterior furniture of the boat: tables, chairs, benches, hammocks, doors, handrails, railings, etc.

It also includes construction and roof repair work. From replacing a board or trancanil to redoing a complete deck. Likewise, it also includes the application of deck tires, board tires, exterior and interior perimeters, helmet, windows, gates and roof fittings.

Interior carpentry or joinery for boats

The cabinetmaking for boats includes all the interior renovations: the modifications of any cabin of the boat according to the existing designs, as well as the construction of the interior furniture, including the laminate, the plating and the varnishing.

ebanisteria para barcos

Basically, this is the carpentry and joinery for boats, the best way to leave a boat as new. And, if you need this kind of services, remember that V de Bravado is one of the best boathouses.

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