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Technological innovations are constantly evolving, and go hand in hand with trends in web development. Nowadays the Internet has little to do with what it was years ago, and not only because of trends, but also because of technological advances. Devices and connection speeds are faster than ever, and therefore web development has taken a great leap forward.

One of the most notable advances that has had a significant influence on web development and design is mobile traffic, which now accounts for half of the internet. It is expected that this trend will continue, and to it we will have to add the new developments in artificial intelligence that will also have an impact on web design.

It was inevitable that this 2020 would bring with it new trends in web development and design, where a more interactive and dynamic environment will predominate. Both new technologies and design will contribute to this, let’s see how.

Web development with artificial intelligence

An important part of the population spends a significant amount of time “interacting” with the web world. Whether at work or for leisure, the web experience is increasingly personalised, and that is how it should be. While such personalised web environments were not long ago available to few, this will no longer be the case in 2020. This year the trend web and ecommerce development, will allow the user to be shown a content according to their profile and actions.

The robotization of web pages will anticipate what the user may need and show it, so making decisions will be easier.

The chatbots will also continue to rise, so that the user will have the possibility of obtaining more specific information when needed. In other words, in 2020 the development and application of interactive elements that act according to what the visitor is looking for will be promoted.

Another value on the rise that will be even more present this year is intelligent speakers, one of the fastest growing technology markets. The Google Assistant, Cortana, Alexa or Siri voice assistants, reaffirm the sound personality of electronic devices. Users feel increasingly comfortable talking to their devices, whether they are computers, telephones or watches. Therefore, from now on, the optimisation of voice commands on websites will be promoted.

The web design of 2020

Starting with a quick navigation with clear and visually pleasing texts, the rest can be complemented with the bright colours that already caused a sensation in 2019. The AMOLED screens were partly responsible for this, but the truth is that this year the design with important typographies, organic forms and vibrant colours, maintains its validity. Moreover, this type of design is in line with the asymmetry, which is already possible to apply to break old patterns without losing the usability of the web.

Video and animations are other elements on the rise, as well as manually created drawings, which will bring a more humanized touch to the web environment.

There is no doubt that this 2020 is a good year to take advantage of the new developments in Barcelona’s web development. Somos Sinapsis, web development agency, is a strategic partner that helps companies to develop their business using the Internet as a main channel. From analyzing the needs of the project, they develop a strategy by designing tools tailored to the needs of the company, such as web development and design.

Uno de los avances más destacados que ha influído notablemente en el desarrollo y diseño web es el tráfico móvil

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