Learn how to create your own home studio

Learning electronic music production is the first step to creating your own home studio. There are a variety of courses that will allow you to produce electronic music and also other possibilities in the same field, where you will discover the link between electronics and acoustic recording in a recording studio.

The first step is to find a prestigious music production school, such as the Microfusa school in Barcelona and Madrid. It also offers video courses, all of them taught by highly qualified teachers, which provide an answer to all your learning needs in this field. You can also become certified as a user or operator of Avid Protools, Ableton Live.

Let’s take a look at some of the courses, all of them given by the Microfusa school, that can help you to successfully complete your task.

Outstanding electronic music production courses

  • Artistic Diploma in Music Production: a two-year on-site professional training course offered by Microfusa. At the end of this cycle it is possible to complete a university degree in England. It deals with music production from its most creative and artistic perspective.
  • Technological Diploma in Music Production: two-year professional training cycle. It offers the best preparation for working in a professional environment, using the tools and technological supports used both in the electronic music environment and in acoustic recordings and mixes made in professional recording studios.
  • Electronic Music Production Course: 9-month professional certification. This course provides essential knowledge for music production, including. Also the use of audio and MIDI sequencers, audio synthesis, mixing and processing, mastering, etc. Students work with Ableton Live, one of the best audio programs.
  • Electronic music composition: 9-month classroom course with professional certification. It focuses on the study of the fundamentals of music applied to highly technological environments. The figure of the DJ-producer, the electronic music producer or simply the producer has emerged as a synonym for composer using electronic means or computer tools.
  • Official Ableton Live 101 course: 24-hour course directed and taught by an official Ableton Live teacher. In this course you learn to work with the tools provided by Ableton Live. It starts from a beginner’s level and progresses to an intermediate level in the use of the operation of this program, making an intense tour on the fundamental elements for the good domain and its correct understanding.

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