PTC Creo is a computer-aided design, manufacturing and engineering product of PTC Creo Corporation. A parametric design software very popular among mechanical designers and cheaper than others in the same range. It is considered one of the most popular 3D industrial design and product simulation programs in sectors such as automotive or aeronautics. In today’s article we will discover the latest news from PTC Creo 6.0, its latest version.

And to discover all the secrets of PTC Creo 6.0 we have the help of Integral PLM, experts in digital transformation.

PTC Creo 6.0

Discover the news of PTC Creo 6.0

With Creo 6.0, the design arrives as it should be. And it is that Creo 6.0 increases your productivity more than ever since it includes hundreds of new improvements and features to help you design your products.

With PTC Creo 6.0 you can discover the latest in 3D CAD:

  • It includes new features in Augmented Reality, real-time simulation and design for additive manufacturing.
  • With a modernization of the interface and user experience.
  • And incorporates key productivity improvements.

Enhancements in Augmented Reality collaboration

Until now I already had the effectiveness of Augmented Reality based on the cloud in each I think. Being able to see and share designs and collaborate safely with colleagues, customers and suppliers.

With Creo 6.0 it is even better. Now you can publish and manage up to 10 designs. Controlling who has access to each experience. In addition, you can post experiences for use with HoloLens and QR codes.

Creo 6.0 realidad aumentada

Simulation and analysis

Thanks to Creo Simulation Live with ANSYS technology, simulation in the modeling environment will be agile and simple. Offering real-time feedback for your design decisions. So your iterations will be faster and you can consider more option

Additive manufacturing

PTC Creo 6.0 has greater efficiency and flexibility to design additive manufacturing with new lattice structures, definition of the direction of creation and cuts for 3D printing. In addition, improvements in overall performance for lattice design are incorporated:

  • Support for new lattice cells
  • Optimization and analysis of creation direction
  • Support for cuts and 3MF

Productivity Improvements

With Creo 6.0 you can accelerate your productivity with a much more modernized user interface and user experience:

  • New toolbar workflows to create and modify functions.
  • Modernized function dashboard.
  • Model tree improvements.
integral plm ptc creo

PTC Creo 6.0 in Integral PLM

Whether you are a new user of Creo or if you are already a supported customer, do not hesitate to contact Integral PLM if you are interested in Creo 6.0

If you are a new user, you can get a fully functional free evaluation for 30 days of Creo 6.0. And if it is a supported client, you can upgrade to the new version of Creo 6.0 for free.

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