Capturing and communicating design and engineering knowledge is easier: the PTC Mathcard is the interface for analyzing and solving vital engineering calculations. Search through spreadsheets for engineering notebooks, or other physical crafts. Traditional methods open the way to the intuitive interface that is the PTC Mathcad, which comes to complement the excellence in engineering.

The PTC Mathcad is the first software that allows to document and solve engineering calculations simultaneously in a single worksheet that can be reused.

Text, instantaneous update calculations and graphics in a single document: this is what this PTC offers. It allows to solve, document and reuse vital engineering calculations without the need of previous experience in its management.

The PTC Mathcard also offers the option to save everything or convert it into different formats. Calculations with graphics, images, texts … all in one document. And the best part is that specialized skills are not required to understand the data: this is the CAD PTC Mathcad software, the new CAD software for engineering mathematics that greatly simplifies things.


If there is something that any CAD 3D can not do, a software of presentations or a word processor, they are the calculation features of the Mathcad, also in readable format.

 Precisely what distinguishes this PTC is its ease of use. The Mathcad offers a very intuitive slate-like design environment to create, document, share and reuse the most important engineering calculations.

 When you start the PTC Mathcad, a worksheet with graph paper format appears, although if you prefer, you can choose a white background. Instead of focusing on the interface, the PTC user can focus his mathematical calculations on the worksheet. It will have more than 400 different functions in areas such as finance, reading / writing, statistics …. You can access mathematical operators, symbols and units.

 The creation and realization of operations with vectors and arrays of numeric and alphanumeric data will also be possible, as well as generating 2D and 3D graphics. And all this without having to master any special programming language. In fact, the calculations, being expressed in standard mathematical notations, will be easy for other people to understand, which favors collaboration within an organization.


One of the strengths of Mathcad is that it can document calculations on the fly. It is possible to create a block of text from the Mathematics tab, or text boxes suitable for resizing.

The integrated functions of the Mathcard can be written directly or selected from the Functions tab, which provides additional information about all the tools.

The user can also create their own defined functions. And as far as graphics are concerned, the Mathcad can create them in outline, in 3D and in polar, as well as in 2D XY.

With its functionality, performance and easy handling, the PTC Mathcad represents today a standard solution to perform engineering calculations from the efficiency. It brings advantages for everyone: reduces errors, increases collaboration and encourages the reuse of calculations that can be very useful in future projects.

If you need information about PTC Matchcad visit Integral PLM website.

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