The Internet of Things (IoT) offers new and unique opportunities for industrial companies to take their business one step further. Among all the IIoT applications on the market, PTC ThingWorx software is the fastest way to get all the value your company needs. Leader in IoT, predictive analysis and augmented reality (AR), ThingWorx allows convergence between the physical and the digital world.

ThingWorx is the first IoT platform that allows companies to enter the market for inter-machine communication (M2M) and IoT applications for Smart Connected Products.

In addition, it is worth noting that, for the second consecutive year, the Gartner study for Industrial IoT Platforms recognizes PTC, creator of IIoT applications, as a visionary company in IIoT, placing it in the highest location in execution capacity with its ThingWorx platform .



Among the features of this innovative PTC software we can highlight:

ThingWorx Composer

ThingWorx Composer is an application modeling environment that covers the entire process from start to finish. It allows you to build applications easily and intuitively, helping companies to offer solutions for the connected world.

Mixes without code

The software offers a mixing constructor without code, so that companies can build fully scalable IoT applications without the need to write code thanks to the “drag and drop” technology used by the platform.

Integration Hub

ThingWorx Integration Hub provides an integration framework in which physical and digital information converge to allow the innovation of new applications and business processes.

Other interesting features

We can also highlight features such as ThingWorx Machine Learning, which offers advanced analysis capabilities to ThingWorx developers; oThingWorx Marketplace, which provides a sales environment to developers.

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Benefits and advantages of ThingWorx

The PTC Thingworx IoT platform allows industrial companies to add value efficiently thanks to its complete application design, execution and intelligence environment. In this way it allows you to develop your solutions quickly and without complications, saving time, costs and risks thanks to the characteristics of your platform:

  • Implementation speed 10 times faster thanks to model-based development
  • Complete and modern platform
  • Scalability, making your application evolve and grow over time
  • Flexibility, allowing you to implement the application according to your needs
  • Combination of people, machinery and systems

ThingWorx 8.5, the latest and improved version of PTC

Last June, during the LiveWorx 2019 digital transformation event, the PTC software company presented its latest version of its IioT application platform.

Among its new and improved functions, we find tools that simplify the composition and implementation of solutions. Customers will be able to configure applications faster and deploy them in multiple places and places. For those who want ready-made solutions, ThingWorx also now offers preloaded options for engineering, manufacturing and services.

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